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 Spa Services are offered in the comfort of the place of your stay or in our clinique close to downtown Cabo San Lucas.  We have provided spa services for guests at their places of stay in Diamante,  Pedregal,  Palmillia, Solaz  and in the houses of clients.    

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We are very excited to treat you like royalty.  All services are strictly professional.


Deep Cleansing Facial

This beauty treatment is an exfoliation and extraction treatment that gets rid of the impurities that affect the smoothness and beauty of the skin, followed by the application of product that oxygenates and cleanses the skin, encouraging the preservation and regeneration on the epidermis. $60usd Clinique, $80 mobile spa  

Luxury Facial

For the ultimate Facial experience.  Rejuvenates,  highly anti- oxidating, aids cell regeneration, helps to avoid premature aging and provides the face with deep nutrition. Includes a nourishing mask with the added bonus of a stimulating and comforting massage of the face, scalp, neck, shoulders and arms.$70usd Clinique, $120 mobile spa    

Ultra Hydrating Facial

Super hydrating for sensitive skin.  The result will be a healthy, fresh skin with a spectacular bright tone. $60usd Clinique, $80 mobile spa

A Facial for Him

Includes cleaning.  Experience the wonderful sensation of an energizing and detoxifying facial massage.  Restores energy and vitality to weary skin, helping eliminate stress and signs of premature aging. $60usd Clinique, $80 mobile spa

Our Services

Signature Rituals

Mud Massage

The perfect key to combine health and beauty mud therapy massage.

Take care of your self on inside and outside, discover the marvelous properties of its mud. Include : Body exfoliation $120 mobile spa only

Traditional Mexican Massage

Cultural Enrichment. 100% Mexican culture experience.  Relaxing and therapeutic massage. $120 usd Clinique, $140 mobile spa

Our Services

Therapeutic Massages

Relaxing Massage

A massage using Swedish techniques to take you to total relaxation. Helps activate blood circulation and eliminates toxins.$60usd Clinique, $80 mobile spa

Deep Tissue Massage

Helps to relieve muscular stress and balance the nervous system. Physical and mental stress is liberated,blood circulation is improved and joint immobility and muscular stress disappear.$70usd Clinique, $90 mobile spa

Sports Massage

A Sport massage will help you achieve your goals while  caring for your bod.Relieves pain, stimulates your  muscles and revitalizes,relaxes, relieves stress and reduces the physical and psychological fatigue,Include stretching $70usd Clinique, $120 mobile spa                    

Golf Therapy Massage

It focuses on the muscles used to play golf, increases energy, promotes elasticity and helps speed muscle recovery. $70usd Clinique, $120 mobile spa

Four Hands Massage

Four hands work in perfect unison in a remarkable experience that inspires a harmony of senses. Two therapists work together in time and movement.harmonious massage that balances the body.$120usd Clinique, $140 mobile spa

Our Services

Event Planning. "We Bring the Spa to you "

Prices will depend on the depth of which you wish to go

Mexican Party​

Experience a true Mexican culture party.  

What our customers are saying

After a morning of playing Golf, the Golf Massage was just what I needed to take the pain out of my shoulders and removing the tension in my muscles.  Elena came to my house and made me feel ready for another round!

Micheal B - Diamante